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Safe, balanced and healthy lives with positive connections to others

Results - Our goal is to support our clients to lead safe, balanced and healthy lives with positive connections to family, whanau, and the wider community

Our results

Research indicates that around 95% of adults1 and 90% of adolescents2 with sexually harmful behaviour who complete one of Safe Network's services will not engage in any further harmful sexual behaviour.

1 Recidivism and risk factors in adolescents with Harmful Sexual Behaviours, by Ian Lambie and Malcolm Stewart, 2003.
2 Getting it Right: An evaluation of New Zealand community treatment programmes for adolescents who sexually offend. Ka pu e ruha, ka hao te rangatahi, by Ian Lambie, 2007.


“I am very thankful that I was given the opportunity to work with my therapist who not only helped me understand my behaviour but gave me tools as well as different perceptions of myself throughout this process. I am now equipped with a stable mind frame which will allow me to live my life free. Thank you to all the staff supporting me through this point in my life.”

Expected outcomes

Our goal is to work with individuals to ensure they are able to lead a safe and healthy life. This means that when they have completed their programme at Safe Network, we expect that they:

  • are able to have safe intimate relationships with others
  • will no longer engage in harmful sexual behaviour
  • gain acceptance as a safe, responsible member of their family, whanau, and community
  • are living a safe, healthy and balanced life.

client results chart

hope, trust and confidence

How we make a difference

At Safe Network we provide specialised therapeutic services for concerning and harmful sexual behaviour towards or involving children and minors.

Our goal is to work with our clients so that they are able to lead safe, balanced and healthy lives with positive connections to family/whanau, and the wider community.

We are one of three community-based specialist services that cover New Zealand. We have been successfully providing therapeutic, prevention and education services throughout the upper North Island since 1993.

By providing a safe environment, we help our clients work through those things driving their behaviours and learn new ways to express themselves and meet their needs without engaging in further concerning or harmful sexual behaviour.

We focus on delivering the best, evidence-based clinical services - services that build confidence, create hope, and develop trust - so that everyone involved can lead better balanced and healthy lives.

Our client-centred programmes recognise how important those who are part of our clients' lives are in helping them achieve positive outcomes and life changes from the work they do with us. We will work with family, whanau, wider communities and professional agencies; providing support to them and engaging them in supporting the client.

“Completely satisfied with the service I have received. The clinician was very thoughtful and courteous when dealing with me. I have left the service with a deeper understanding of myself and a much more positive outlook for my future.”
client feedback chart

Make a referral to Safe Network

If you are concerned about your sexual behaviour or that of your child, teenager or an adult you know, you can contact Safe Network directly to find out if we can help.

Individuals can refer themselves to Safe Network or may be referred to us by a government agency, family members, schools or other professionals within the community such as GPs or counsellors.

If you want to make a referral or if you need assistance, contact us directly or complete and submit the referral form below.

PO Box 8726, Newmarket, Auckland 1149

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